Shining from the heavens Bringing life into the world The archaic sphere warms our hearts A never ending flame And a love shared with all EagleTaylor Advertisements

Rain Upon The Roof

Water upon the roof Weighs down my dreams Washing them away With faint white seams Walking down the sky Waking all who sleep Worrying about the lie Whenever someone speaks Who loves the daylight When their dreams end With each aspiration Wills should never bend EagleTaylor  


Startled awake by the faded sky Rain hammering against the glass Shattering everything I knew A reminder that my dreams have ended but, have they? Truth or lies, real or fantasy? Questions that define our future and guides our hearts. Which do you settle for? The truth of few or the lies of many? EagleTaylor

Everlasting Joy

What does desire mean? To one who has his life. A new car when your eighteen, Or a silver gold fife   Either way, these are not dire Not like water or food. Or the purpose to inspire And show our gratitude   To the gracious Lord above Who loves all his children The giver…