Life’s Nectar

How thrilling it is Partaking life’s sweet nectar Abundant yet free -20170131 EagleTaylor Advertisements


“The giant tree grows from a grain.” -Senegalese Proverb

I am

“Je pense, donc, Je suis” (I think, therefore, I am) – Rene Descartes

False Success

Bestow onto me thine ways Who govern the flow of life Fame and wealth shown on thou dais High above those plagued with strife   Thou beast shielded in concrete Robbing the poor of their dreams As thou lie beneath the street Feeding off their hollowed screams   Therefore, show thy treachery Behind thou sweet…


Giant Archaic being Child from dirt, light and rain Whose branches reach for the blue sky Gentle 20170123 EagleTaylor


Reveal my purpose Oh blank screen and paperwork As you rob my will 20170119 EagleTaylor

Loving Wisdom

Love is not about possession, it’s all about appreciation. – Chinese Proverb


Thy flickering soul With your burning heart and grace Lighting up the dark


Silent words Spoken by the wind Listen, listen Do you hear? Song of the sirens Silencers of men Come, come Come forth thy brother Saddened by the truth Swept away from innocence It’s here It’s here Selling your will and, Singing your last tune EagleTaylor 20170111


White and pure you are A legion, raining to earth Soft and beautiful EagleTaylor 20170109

Golden Book

” A book holds a house of Gold” -Chinese Proverb

Growing Up

How cruel you are Spinning hand of fate Your heart like tar Drowning me in hate Cold is your eye That pierces the soul To tear and prey Every healing hole Oh devil kin Unrelenting fire Prepper of sin Who flies yet higher From desperate hands Who reach with no gain Much like the sands…