Thine hands Cradled by bliss Revealed by light Divine builders However, on the other side They can falsify meaning Complicate understanding Yet, here they reside Gifts of power and creation They are Word makers Story tellers Chain breakers Allow them to do good Allow them to spread joy rather than pain Who tosses a gift…


Haunting Fragile images Pictures That line peeling walls Coated in gray Drenched in red Frames crooked Glass shattered But, what cure is there? -EaglePoet 20170815


Has the clock ever stopped? One hand forced in place Can time be halted by will Then propelled by ignorance Help me to see the benefit Given to those lacking wisdom Knowledge means nothing When you dwell in comfort Wisdom births greatness Gives life to legends But still, we sit We wait For greatness to…


Twisted concept Ideals of jesters Less than moral, less than human Taking the demon’s hand Calling him brother Father Mother Savior How lost can we be? When there is a light And a switch within reach -EaglePoet 20170807

My Hero

Take me to your world Birth from light Crafted from grace Save me from the lies and secrets  Deliver my eyes from hate, misery, and grief Lift me to the clouds Show me a life above vanity Lacking sorrow and pain Be my hero Be who I can’t be -EaglePoet 20170801


Deadly wind and rain Birthing chaos within Mine soul, heart and mind Your spell of grueling anguish Trapping me in mine own bed -EaglePoet 20170607  

Top of the Line

Our mental anguish Bred from corporate lies and shame Sold in stores only -EaglePoet 20170601

Grey Sky

Talk to me Serene scene Show your beauty and mystery Concealed in plain sight Behind the heaven’s veil Lift it Show me who you are Because I can’t remember The radiance, the shine Glowing from your presence Show me Serene scene Tell me That you’re still there -EaglePoet 20170523


How far can I go Before my heart starts to race Forced down by your weight EaglePoet 20170517

Left Behind

How cruel can you be? Strolling by my cold body You knew what to do But you chose your joy over mine But would I have done the same? EaglePoet 20170511


The land, sea and world Crafted by His holy hands Dancing to His love -EaglePoet 20170509


Dreams born of loose wills Chained to love, hate and silence Recalling our sight -EaglePoet 20170421