Deadly wind and rain Birthing chaos within Mine soul, heart and mind Your spell of grueling anguish Trapping me in mine own bed -EaglePoet 20170607  

Top of the Line

Our mental anguish Bred from corporate lies and shame Sold in stores only -EaglePoet 20170601

Grey Sky

Talk to me Serene scene Show your beauty and mystery Concealed in plain sight Behind the heaven’s veil Lift it Show me who you are Because I can’t remember The radiance, the shine Glowing from your presence Show me Serene scene Tell me That you’re still there -EaglePoet 20170523


How far can I go Before my heart starts to race Forced down by your weight EaglePoet 20170517

Left Behind

How cruel can you be? Strolling by my cold body You knew what to do But you chose your joy over mine But would I have done the same? EaglePoet 20170511


The land, sea and world Crafted by His holy hands Dancing to His love -EaglePoet 20170509


Dreams born of loose wills Chained to love, hate and silence Recalling our sight -EaglePoet 20170421


Demons from below Clasping our shaking ankles Singing tainted songs Violent charms made by sirens Destroying what we call joy -EaglePoet 20170418


Bitter winds cease All goes silent They watch They wait For the sun to rise “Bring us light.” They cry Hopeful their prayers were heard “I have come.” They hear from the clouds. The sun climbs from the deepest sea Going beyond the highest peak Warming our fleeting hearts Welcoming your arrival Oh glorious spring…


Art crafted from words Breathing life into this page Reflecting my thoughts -EaglePoet 20170404


How are we so blind? Horrid screams and flashing screens Overwhelming us Giving up our will and rights All for a false sense of fame -EaglePoet 20170330


Anger The color of a bright red fire Happens when you burn dinner Sounds like a dish shattering Smells like spices and peppers Anger -EaglePoet 20170328